Maximizing Your Health: Proceed With An Open – Mind

If you hope, to have the best chances, for possessing, obtaining, and maintaining, your finest health, possible, it’s important, to proceed, with an open – mind, and a willingness, to objectively, consider, your possibilities, and opportunities/ options. Although, the United States of America, enjoys one of the strongest economies, etc, we do not, possess the best health results. Perhaps, this is due, to capitalistic greed, close – mindedness, economic priorities, or political/ personal agendas, and self – interest, most of us, would be, better – served, if we opened, our minds, and considered, as many viable alternatives, and possibilities, as possible. In the rest of the world, especially those, with the finest health statistics, the focus is, on wellness, rather than merely, using allopathic approaches. Quality health is achieved, when we emphasize, treating causes, rather than merely, symptoms, and attempting to enhance our immune systems, and resistance. With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly consider, review and discuss, some of the major considerations, and why this holistic approach, makes sense.

1. Allopathic: What is allopathic medicine, and what are the positives, as well as potential negatives/ ramifications? Acute conditions and ailments, require the finest chemical solutions. These include, illnesses, and conditions/ ailments, such as treating cancer, acute infections, heart – related conditions, etc. A wellness approach, must include, alternative, as well as traditional approaches, etc.

2. Homeopathy: In much of the rest of the world, homeopathy is often, the first course, for most ailments. This approach is safer, because there are no side – effects, etc, and do not interfere, with any other treatments, and/ or, medications!

3. Natural alternatives for stress relief: While, severe conditions, such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), severe depression/ anxieties, etc, need to be addressed, using the allopathic medicines and treatments, many, less severe/ acute situations. should first, be addressed, using alternative approaches. These may include remedies, such as: Bach Flower Remedies, a treatment and approach, which have been effectively used, for nearly a century, discovered by Dr. Edward Bach, using specific flower essences, and/ or combinations; relaxation therapies, such as deep – breathing, massage, etc; homeopathic and/ or herbal remedies, etc.

Shouldn’t the main objective, and consideration, for addressing and our treating, our health, in the best way, be, to proceed, with an open – mind, and be ready, and willing, and able, to consider, with an open – mind, all the conventional, as well as alternative therapies, treatments, and possibilities? Are you prepared?